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Water Intrusion & Toxic Black Mould (Mold) in your Home!

Toxic black mould causes serious symptoms and health problems. The main groups of symptoms toxic black mould causes are:

Mental and neurological symptoms, including dementia
Respiratory symptoms, including sneezing & coughing
Circulatory symptoms
Vision and eye problems
Skin problems
Immune system problems
Reproductive system problems
Tiredness and discomfort
Other illnesses and health effects

If you have water leaking into your home, you can be assured you have told growing inside your home. Mould only grows when there is sufficient moisture. When mould appears, the first systematic step is to try to establish where the moisture is coming from. Give us a call to help you identify where water or moisture is coming from and then to remediate this poor environmental condition within your home.
Mosman - Water Intrusion Rectification Works!

A residential home in Mosman, New South Wales was experiencing very mouldy and damp conditions through out the lower level of the house. Groundwater was seeping into lower level of a Mosman home, impacting lower level livings conditions. Our drainage rectification works included creation of a spoon drain, with an outlet to a rear lane kerb and gutter. Prior to our works, water remained in the lower level portion of the home, continually soaking internal brick walls and floors.
Water Intrusion Eliminated from Residential Home

A residential home in Castle Cove, New South Wales was experiencing very mouldy and damp conditions through out the house. We conducted a site inspection to identify problems, wrote a engineering report and then designed a system to eliminate mouldy and damp conditions in the home. We carried out the engineering works, revitalising the home, boosting the homes value and marketability by making the home drier, fresher, creating new living space, and fixing the problem correctly...

Flooding & Ground Water Infiltration Eliminated!

(House Waterproofing) - Water Infiltration Project, Pymble New South Wales.

Forensic investigation revealed hydrostatic pressure was building up behind the foundation of brick and mortar house, located in Pymble, NSW. The house was situated on the high side of the street, with the rear of the house built into the base of a hill. The house, built into the hillside, with natural sandstone rock formation making up part of the rear wall foundation. When the rains came to Sydney in early 2010, the new homeowners found stormwater entering their ground floor entertainment room. Our inspection, investigation and design led towards excavation and remediation of the weak points of the house foundation. The solution dried up the ground floor of the home and has eliminated of home owners worries and water from entering the house.
Back in Business! No More Water in Underground Fuel Tanks!

Published By John G. Pohl on Feb 1, 2016
Here were two 50 year old underground petroleum storage tanks that had come to the end of their life, with many holes. We were able to weld up large holes and plug smaller ones, then completely seal the inside with our specially formulated fibreglass coating.
Beautiful.....the Word We Love to Hear!
Published By John G. Pohl on July 5, 2015
||| ||| After plugging and lining a leaking steel underground diesel fuel storage tank, the best word we hear upon completion, is beautiful! When the operator of the service station sees clean, water free petroleum product, he couldn't be happier, as the diesel product is back in service straight away...
Underground Petrol Tank Leak & Marina Spill Response, Followed by Tank Repair & Relining!

Motor spirit leaking from underground tank was removed and cleanup and containment took place on a waterfront marina. After emergency response, we were commissioned to open up underground fuel tank, inspect, plug leaks and finally line tank with fibre reinforced plastic (FRP). We provide a 20 year warranty on the tank repair and lining.

Flooding & Water Infiltration Eliminated, Longueville, New South Wales, Australia

(House Drainage Rectification) - Water Infiltration Project, Longueville, New South Wales Australia.

Groundwater Well Installation, Testing & Reporting

Groundwater monitoring wells installed at a service station for Underground Petroleum Storage System (UPSS) EPA compliance.

Erosion & Landslip Inspection & Reporting

HAWKESBURY CITY COUNCIL roadway stormwater drainage and overland flow onto private land.

Frenchmans Bay in Randwick City Drainage & Soil Erosion Inspection, Reporting & Restoration

Drainage & Soil Erosion Frenchmans Bay in Randwick City.